About Audaz

Audaz arises under the premise of making a letter system that serves as a character swap for the "No pride, no sport" campaign.

Conceptually, the search focused on thinking that the letters are living things and trying to find new ways to express old shapes. Each one defining its identity by reinterpreting what we know, but above all defining itself by what makes it unique and different from the other letters of the alphabet.

An identity set by the tension between the established and the possibilities of reinterpretation, of being something new, different, unique. Undefined but not unknown.

“Audaz” is the Spanish word for “bold”. Being Audaz is being able to undertake unusual actions without fearing difficulties.

Audaz is showing bravery, courage in the way of being. Being bold, fearless, adventurous is being Audaz. Being Audaz is leads us to overcome ourselves and our limitations.

  • Client: Nike
  • Art Direction: Daniel Amoakoh, Gabriella Narvaez, Ally Will
  • Year: 2023