About Ayra

Ayra is a contemporary type family with distinct personality, with legibility as its main attribute it's ready to be used in a wide range of media.

The project was to create a slab font which could represent spacious, simple, friendly, calm and pure ambient, that could work on text and big sizes to cover several communication needs.

The curves combine fluidity with the flatness and generate a special vertical tension and text rhythm. Truncated counterforms provide the necessary tone to generate the feeling of expansion, growth and power which was the main idea behind the project. The variables are airy, broad without compromising performance.  The details of the letters, especially in terminations and diacritics generate a rhythmic visual landscape rich in details.

  • Art Direction: Guillermo Altube (Interbrand)
  • Client: Banco Patagonia
  • Team: Sergio Rodriguez
  • Year: 2015