FerCozzi is a one-woman show rustically and lively runned by myself.
Nothing here is automatic and everything is manual, just like in the old days (sorry centennials).
So buying here not only implies a huge support for me as an independent designer, but also a vote of confidence that I will send you the files… I just have to be awake (time zones are a magical and cruel thing). But don't be afraid, you'll get them.

I am constantly working to improve and I can't promise it will be soon, but the day will come when having my fonts is just a click away. But not today.
So, please: be patient.

About Licensing Fonts

Font licenses are available in three different “sizes”: Small, Medium and Large. All licenses cover Desktop, Web and App/ePub use.
The license type is determined by the size of the licensee based on projected usage. To start, you can take the number of employees of the Licensing organization, but you should also consider comply the other detailed conditions or acquire another type of license that fits you better.

The scope of each license is:

🥚 Small
☑️ up to 5 employees
☑️ up to 20k unique visitors per month
☑️ 1 app or epub
☑️ up to 25k social media subscribers

🐣 Medium
☑️ up to 15 employees
☑️ up to 125k unique visitors per month
☑️ 5 app or epub
☑️ up to 150k social media subscribers

🐥 Large
☑️ up to 40 employees
☑️ up to 300k unique visitors per month
☑️ 10 app or epub
☑️ up to 250k social media subscribers

If you have doubts, want licensing options beyond the offered volumes or customized conditions, please contact me.

By purchasing Fonts from Fer Cozzi you agree and promise to comply with the terms stated in the End User License Agreement.

About Trial Fonts

Trial Fonts are provided with a limited character set (A–Z, a–z, 0–9 and some punctuation) for testing and experimenting purposes only. By requesting the Trial Fonts you agree and promise to comply with the terms stated in the Trial Font License Agreement.
Student work or for personal social media projects are allowed, but any commercial work is not permitted.

About Custom Work

If you have a project where you think we can work together such as making a custom type design, bespoke wordmark or logotypes, as well as typographic consultancy and workshops drop me a line and we can talk about it. I'd love to hear from you!

For trials, custom, in use pics, questions and love > 💌 hola[at]fercozzi.com