About Inge

Inge is a tight display font with a strong sense of rhythm and a very solid texture. The narrow shapes on it make Inge very suitable to be used on large scales, creating robust solid text blocks. The side-to-side movement are a hint that something is accelerating, without losing strength and control.

It is a single weight typeface. But its perfect balance between acceleration and strenght gives Inge a unique and pure endurance.

Inge is named after Inge Lehmann, a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core. She lived over 104 years.

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Font licenses are available in three different “sizes”:Small, Medium and Large. All licenses cover Desktop, Web and App/ePub use. Find the size suitable for you here.

Complete family U$D 100.00
Upright U$D 35.00
Backslanted U$D 35.00
Slanted U$D 35.00
Variable U$D 90.00
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  • Relased: 2020
  • Version: 2.0